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DISCONNECTED – Official Soundtrack (Pre-Order)


You can now Pre-Order the DISCONNECTED Official Soundtrack composed by various artists including Andrew Reina, Anthony Butler and Ryan Bozell. This order includes a CD as well as a digital download of the Soundtrack and will be delivered when Season 1 is released in 2019!


Aspen Nix, a millennial who has done everything she is supposed to do told by society, is completely lost. Her family says to follow her dreams but she has no clue what those are; her friends say get a stable job but she doesn’t want to feel trapped. So she is stuck in between doing something until she figures out what her dreams are, even if it is altering Wikipedia entries. She will soon be forced to make a choice in her life but will her past drag her down or will unlikely choices become her dreams.


Coming 2019

Produced by Open Sign Entertainment

*artwork not final*

Disconnected – Original Sound Track (Pre-Order)

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